Enrolment - 2025 Parish Foundation Enrolment








For Foundation 2025 Parish Enrolment Enquiries please email the Registrar 


For Year 1 - Year 6 Enrolment enquiries please contact:

Melanie Corless E: mcorless@stellamaris.catholic.edu.au  P: 9395 8411


Wednesday 12th June 2024  School Tour.
We will conduct 2 sessions one at 9:15am & 4:00pm
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The Holy Trinity Catholic Parish - Point Cook, comprises three schools within the Parish boundary.

The Parish is in a major growth corridor in the Western suburbs of Melbourne and each school has a catchment/containment area (zone).

Stella Maris Zone Map 

Lumen Christi Zone Map 

Online applications are not accepted for Queen of Peace or St Martin De Porres.  Please contact those schools separately.    

Applications will be considered in the following priority order:

  • Baptised Catholic children resident in the designated zone/catchment area of the Holy Trinity Parish
  • Brothers and sisters of currently enrolled students in the school.
  • Baptised children from Christian religions which share a special relationship with the history and traditions of the Cathoilic Church.
  • Non-Catholic children.

Prior to filling out the application form online, please read the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.


2025 Foundation information session will be held on Tuesday 12th March 7pm at Lumen Christi 


Enrolment Process

1. Application


Please note, we are currently at capacity for Foundation 2024. Please apply online and your application will be placed onto our waitlist.  

Applications for Foundation 2025 will open on Wednesday March 13th 2024.

To apply for a position at Stella Maris Catholic Primary School, fill out the online form below: 


 Please read the following infomation:


Parents/Carers should complete the online application with all the required documentation. 
There is a $50 non-refundable application fee for all Foundation 2025 applications.

2025 Enrolment Applications open March 2024.

2025 Enrolment Launch will be held on Tuesday 12th March at 7:00pm at Lumen Christi.


School Tour Date - Two sessions on Wednesday 12th June 2024: 9:15am & 4:00pm.


2.  Interview

Families may be invited to an enrolment interview with the Principal or Deputy Principals.
For Foundation  2025,   the enrolment interviews will take place by the 18th of August 2024. 

3. Offer

The offer of a place at any of the Parish Schools will be forwarded to the successful applicant. For  Foundation 2025 offers will be sent on 1st of September 2024.

Subsequent second round offers may be forwarded depending upon availability.  Families of all other year levels will be notified shortly after the interview if a place is available.

All places are offered at the Principal’s discretion.

4.  Acceptance

Foundation 2025  families must return the Enrolment Acceptance documentation to the School along with $100 enrolment acceptance fee by the 15th of September 2024. All other families must return the Acceptance by the dates specified on the documentation.


5.  Transition

Transition takes place differently at each of the Parish schools. Information will be distributed by the schools.


Stella Maris Medical Management Information Pack (complete once accepted)

School Fees 2024

Concessional Fees Policy
Concessional Fees Procedures
Concessional Fees Application Form

International Students Fees Schedule - Dependant
International Students Fees Schedule - Temporary Students (maximum 12 weeks)
International Students Fees Schedule - CRICOS