Teaching & Learning - Assessment and Reporting

At Stella Maris the Assessment and Reporting process is a way of seeking, interpreting and reporting evidence for the use by our teachers, our learners and their parents.  It aids in understanding where the learner is in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there.

We encourage all students to become Thinking and Reflective learners in partnership with the teacher as assessment and reporting information is not only the property of teachers but is owned by all stakeholders, the learners, their parents and the teacher

Our Assessment and Reporting process means:

  • We have a schedule for assessment and reporting, including:  informal discussion between parents and teacher or learner and teacher; Goal Setting/Get to know you interviews; Three Way Learning Conversations; Student Led Conferences; Semester One and Two written report; English and Math testing; Data analysis days; Naplan testing and analysis.
  • Students think and reflect about their learning as an inclusive part of everyday learning.
  • All students from Foundation to Year Six participate in conferencing about what they have learned and set new goals, encouraging them to think and reflect about "where they need to go and how to get there"
  • Student Lead Goal Setting Interview and Student Led Conference outlining their goals, strategies for achievement, work samples and reflection of their learning process.
  • Ownership of the content of interview is now spread between student, parents and teachers.  Teachers and students gather data with parents offering insight, advise and commenting on evidence collated on student progress.