Teaching & Learning - Learning and Teaching

At Stella Maris, we have aim to create conditions in which a high quality curriculum is enacted, expert teaching is developed and all students achieve targeted progress over time.

We have developed a set of design principles that are aligned to school vision and personalised learning.  They drive the learning and teaching to deeply engage students in their learning.


Our Design Principles are:

  • Shared Leadership for Expert Teaching
  • Expert Teachers
  • Personalised Learning
  • Shared Understandings of what matters
  • Students at the Core
  • Community Engagement  


Our curriculum, based on the Victorian Curriculum, is presented using an inquiring approach to learning.  The focus is on informing our learners of the process that authentic learning requires, explicitly teaching them a range of strategies and presenting them with a variety of tools to assist in organising, analysing and reflecting on their learning.  The skills of questioning and reflecting have a high profile as we encourage our learners to delve deeper into issues that motivate and engage them. 


Learners are encouraged and supported to become self-managed and self-directed in their learning journey. They reflect upon experiences to set new goals and create customised learning pathways. Through a process of inquiry, they engage in their passions, and discover the amazing world around them. They seek to make a difference in the world with their new learning.