Teaching & Learning - Student Leadership

At Stella Maris we believe we will strengthen our school community through students who know how to live and lead in a community that values social justice, service and stewardship.

We believe our Student Leaders are capable of learning how to articulate and enact ‘regenerative’ thinking, initiatives and actions with connections to the Catholic Identity of Stella Maris through:

Social Justice
Using the principles underpinning  Catholic Social Justice teaching, our Gospel Values and talents to make a difference to others 

Leading through a sense of service to other, caring and making a difference to our community, voluntarily giving up time to help

The responsible overseeing and protection of everything and everyone entrusted to our care and promoting a culture of Positive Psychology.  

We believe social justice, service and stewardship can be best developed by students in their chosen leadership context. We believe leadership is about the benefit of other, “Whatever you are doing you are doing for the benefit of other."

Student Leaders will contribute and develop whole school actions in the following contexts:

  • Regeneration (includes Sustainability and Science Discovery)
  • Sport (includes Sport Discovery and Blue Earth)
  • Student Wellbeing (includes Peer Mentoring and Coaching)
  • Community Partnerships (includes Discovery&Encounter)
  • The Arts (includes Arts Discovery)
  • Communication (includes Students Voice ‘Stella Yearbook’)
  • Fire Carriers (promoting First Nations voice)