Teaching & Learning - Student Leadership

At Stella Maris we commit to improving our school community through students who know how to live and lead in a community that values social justice, service and stewardship.

Student leadership at Stella Maris involves input into:
  • Recognising and acknowledging the contribution they make to leadership
  • Developing social justice, service and stewardship amongst their peers
  • Building on the school’s Gospel Values
  • Decision-making within the school
Social Justice Team
Hi we are the Social Justice team.  The purpose of our team is to help build the schools understanding of Social Justice and promote thinking and actions that help to create a just community both local and global.
There are six Social Justice Principles at Stella. They are:
  • Solidarity·
  • Human Dignity
  • Preferential Option for the Poor
  • Community and the Common Good
  • Rights and Responsibility
  • Stewardship of the Earth’s Resources
These also link to our Gospel Values of empathy, commitment, respect, cooperation, integrity, enthusiasm, independence and creativity.
Some of the things we will do include the St Vincent de Paul donation campaign, Project Compassion supporting Caritas, helping and working with the elderly in our local aged care home near the school and supporting other social justice organisations. 
We will be also be working with the other leadership groups to promote social justice, service and stewardship at Stella. We hope you support us when we have fundraising or goods raising campaigns at school so that we can make a difference in the world!  By building awareness we can TAKE ACTION!
Wellbeing Team
We’re the Wellbeing team!  The definition of Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. Our purpose is for you guys to always feel happy, safe and to enjoy your time at school.  
We have some very exciting events coming up! We have ‘Wellbeing Week’ which is a week focused on our school wellbeing in Term 2, week 5. We will be launching our ‘Peer Mediators’ who will be in our playground to work with students across the Stella community.
While we’re doing this, our main purpose is to support you during your time at Stella. The Wellbeing group will be also working alongside the Sport group and Social Justice group. We will be working with students in the yard and in the community while supporting you throughout your journey at Stella.
Sport Leadership
Here at Stella Maris we want to focus on ‘Solidarity’ and how we can incorporate it into our sport sessions. We want students to work together and help each other not because they have been asked to but because they care and ‘want’ to help.
The Sports Leaders are here to teach and encourage the students to value fair play and sportsmanship. We also are going to be leading activities like soccer and basketball clinics each week with a different class. There they will be able to learn basic soccer/basketball drills and develop their understanding of team-work and effective communication.
As some of you know, we run a couple of sessions of ‘Blue Earth’ each week in the Senior community. The purpose of Blue Earth is for kids who get out in games like ‘Dodge ball’ or ‘Knockout’ to be able to do something connected to either fitness or sport while they’re waiting to come back in, thus enhancing participation. In addition, in our sessions we encourage feedback through our use of the Most Valuable Player award.