Teaching & Learning - Regeneration

 "We challenge students to develop a sense of purpose, hope and love,

with the confidence to think, feel and act

in regenerative ways"


Our Stella Maris 'Dreaming with Eyes Open Arts Festival' came to a crescendo via our Performing Arts
During our performance the audience was challenged to consider:

"Wisdom shapes our future and comes from having eyes wide open to the past and present"

  • “If we want to change the story of the human race in the 21st century, we have to change the stories we tell ourselves”
  • It’s not hopeless but a hopeful future.
  • How you can connect personally and socially so that together we can regenerate the well-being of our planet for all to benefit and flourish?
  • How you can learn from the wisdom of our indigenous peoples. They are waiting for us to listen!
  • Dadirri, hearing the voice and spirit of our ancestors and our land, respecting, nurturing, and connecting with nature.
  • We are called to be one.
  • Holy Trinity Parish theme, 'Mission is a journey with purpose'.
  • Our Catholic Identity!

Dr Rachel Forgasz, a teacher/researcher and developer behind Climate 7 Framework and resources, challenges us to change not only our behaviour but also our consciousness. Each of the 7 ways invites us to interrogate the beliefs and values to drive our decisions and actions and open ourselves to another possibility. Our Extra Curricular team works with the Junior, Middle and Senior Communities to focus on each of the 7 Days and how we can incorporate them into our everyday lives. Our purpose is to promote the Catholic Social Teaching of "Stewardship of the Earth's Resources'.

7 Ways in 7 Days. Humans are creatures of habit. That’s why making change is often so hard. 7 Ways in 7 Days supports the transformation of consciousness by breaking down the process into more manageable, bite sized pieces. It invites focused contemplation on just one way per day. Make one kind of change every day of the week. Make it on the same day each week. Over time, daily actions and attitudes that once seemed impossible will become your new normal. You may turn around one day to find you have adopted them across the board. If not, then make a point of doing so. Remember, 7 Ways in 7 Days is intended as a starting point – not an end in itself – in the transition to climate consciousness. (Rachel Forgez, Climate 7)

Our Junior, Middle and Senior Students participate in Regenerative Climate 7 sessions each week to change our behaviour and thinking: 

  • Create an active change in how we can help the environment, our community and world
  • How we can reduce our impact
  • How we can inform others in our community and spread the word of issues and positive actions to lead change 
  • How we can be grateful 
  • How to slow down to help regenerate ourselves and others
  • How to make connections with our feelings