Teaching & Learning - School Improvement

The School improvement Framework (SIF) was established to give Catholic Education Archdiocese of Melbourne a shared language and process for evidence based self-review in order to improve school effectiveness.  To this end, the School Improvement Surveys were commissioned to give schools and the system data which, over time, would support improve decision -making and school improvement processes. The schools Improvement Surveys have been designed and implemented for the purpose of equipping schools with the information that they need to drive improvement in areas that will make a difference to student outcome.

A formal school review is undertaken every four years.

Stella Maris has set Strategic Improvement Goals for 2014 - 2017 for five major spheres:

Education in Faith
Learning and
Student Wellbeing
Leadership and
School Community
 To enhance the  schools Catholic  identity.
 To define, develop and  implement a deep  understanding of  personalising learning and  teaching.
 To improve the  wellbeing of all students  through engagement in  learning and  relationships.
 To develop a staff  culture  characterised by  clarity of a shared  vision high  expectations, trust  and a strong sense  of teamwork.
 To build a safe,  stimulating and  engaging environment.
 Intended  Outcome
 That individual  and communal  commitment to  our Catholic  Faith is enhanced  through dialogue  and  reconstitution  faith, religious education and daily life.
 That there is a consistent  approach to the use of  success criteria, learning  intention and feedback for  personalising learning
 That student outcomes in  English and Mathematics will  improve.
 That engagement  in social and emotional  learning will empower  students to develop a  higher level of individual  and communal  responsibility for  learning behavior.  That the four  cultural pillars of  staff climate:  Empathy,  Engagement,  Learning and Clarity  are continuously  improving and in  balance.  That we utilise clear  partnership links  between parents, the  students the staff and  broader community in  building a safe,  stimulating and  engaging environment.