Teaching & Learning - School Improvement

The School improvement Framework (SIF) was established to give Catholic Education Archdiocese of Melbourne a shared language and process for evidence based self-review in order to improve school effectiveness.  To this end, the School Improvement Surveys were commissioned to give schools and the system data which, over time, would support improve decision -making and school improvement processes. The schools Improvement Surveys have been designed and implemented for the purpose of equipping schools with the information that they need to drive improvement in areas that will make a difference to student outcome.

A formal school review is undertaken every four years.

Stella Maris set Strategic Improvement Goals for 2017 - 2020 for five major spheres:


Education in Faith
Learning and
Student Wellbeing
Leadership and
School Community
 Goal To deepen Catholic Identity at Stella Maris To achieve 12 months growth for 12 months learning for every student in Writing and Number To build student responsibility for learning and behaviour to enable students to flourish To narrow and sharpen the school's improvement agenda with learning targets accompanied by timelines. To build strategic partnerships to improve student learning and behaviour
 Intended  Outcome Increase the post-critical belief style through a pedagogy of encounter.
Establish processes and strategies to engage and challenge different cohorts of students

Establish Personalised learning and  differentiated teaching as visible strategies.

Investigate and implement Positive Education tools and strategies that develop social and emotional learning

Establish the starting point for 12 month growth targets for all students in writing and number.

Establish short term growth targets within the 12 month growth cycle.

Create explicit targets and strategies for top 30% of students in writing and number.

Create a connectedness with parents and the community to enhance student learning and behaviour.