Teaching & Learning - Positive Approach to Student Management

Positive Approach to Managing Student Behaviours
Following our School Review in 2013, Stella Maris Staff focused on developing a consistency around our Positive Approach to Managing Student Behaviours. This included clarifying the following:
We have a School Vision:  
"Creating a learning community, nurturing and integrating faith and life, in a spirit of openness"
We have Gospel Values that guide us in our big picture alignment to our Catholic Identity:  
"Respect, Integrity, Independence, Creativity, Commitment, Cooperation, Empathy, Enthusiasm" 
We have six very simple rules from Foundation to Year 6:
  1. Follow instructions
  2. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself
  3. Speak appropriately
  4. Listen to the speaker
  5. Move safely
  6. Take care of all property
As a whole staff team we have an overall student management plan with three elements:
  1. Rules that student will follow at all times
  2. Positive recognition that students will receive for following the rules
  3. Consequences that result when students CHOOSE not to follow the rules
We use simple statements to unpack the behaviours associated with each. We have developed rich understandings about "Language of Choice" and practice using "Assertive statements".